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Hi I'm Michael and thank you for dropping by to look at my work. I'm a Cambridgeshire based wedding and portrait photographer and I'm happy to travel to follow my passion. At the age of five I moved to St Neots and spent twenty years growing up in one of the most successful pubs in the town. The Wheatsheaf in Church street was a multi award winning pub and I'm so proud to say that was my home. 

From day one really I'd perch on a stall at the end of the bar and people watch, fascinated by regular people just going about their business. Cards and dominoes were a popular pastime along with drinking the finest ale in the area. 

I didn't discover cameras till later on but they say the best photos you take are with your mind and the characters and events I witnessed will stay with me forever. When I attend a wedding I'm like that five year old boy, people watching and capturing those one off moments but this

time with my cameras.

I create images that remind you of the emotion of your special day and portraits of people they don't even know I've taken which I consider the best photos you can ever take!

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